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Ce site est référencé sur l'Annuaire Chrétien Multilingue
Ce site est référencé sur
l' Annuaire Chrétien Multilingue


Message of the Protestant Chaplain.


First of all Glory to God! And Thank You Lord! It's an honour and a chance for me to be in the service of our Lord as a "Prison's Chaplain" for the Protestant Federation of France.

Since I am in the center of detention, that is to say in early May 2004, prisoners show me that the one I announce is the same as yesterday, today and for eternity...As we can read it trough the Bible. Hebrews 13.8)

When I started my duty, 2 people joined to participate to the protestant chaplaincy, and 2 months later, more than 40 persons. Very quickly I had understood that I was in my right place and that the incarcerated people were needing the Lord.

The first meetings with them in the chapel, it was more biblical studying with hymns and times of prayer. As soon as I had seen they were attentive to the word of God, immediately, the program was modified to make room for  preaching, with a biblical studying every 3 weeks. Prayer and Praise are always significant for followers.

As soon as this moment in the chapel is finished, the persons are visited in their cells, to have a private, or sometimes collective (maximum 3 people), discussion with me, and at the same time, to visit those who couldn't have come to the chapel because of their activities or appointments.

Some hearts accept the Lord! it's wonderful! There are moments i will never forget, especially when the person confides to me, and realize that she has always been far away from the face of God...that she had never read the Bible...There are moments of tears...Very touching letters, really coming from the
heart, testimonies in the chapel, because the Lord intervenes as well inside this prison as outside of it.

Thank you Lord because you say you were in jail and that we came to you. We know that insofar as we've done this to one of your most little brother, it's to you that we've done this (Matthew's Gospel 25.36 and 40).  And we realize it's important to unite in prayer, so that your Holy Name can be proclamed in front of those who prepare to accept you.

I hope to fill this role in every aspect, and that through your servant, people will be able to continue to receive  this moral and pastoral assistance.

The protestant chaplain

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