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Ce site est référencé sur l'Annuaire Chrétien Multilingue
Ce site est référencé sur
l' Annuaire Chrétien Multilingue

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The site is a non-profit making association which affects today more than 50 countries in the world.

Your support is very useful, it allows us to develop ourselves and to reach one of the objectives of our mission, that is to say : "Going through the whole world and preaching the Good News to every creation".

How to donate :

To make so, please send us your bank or postal cheque payable to "La Compassion" at the following adress :

                                                   Association « La compassion »
                                          BP 40241
                                          59334 Tourcoing Cedex - France


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The whole team of the association "La Compassion" thank you for your generosity...God bless you!




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